Tuesday, June 26, 2007

MND: News and Commentary Since 2001 » Seeing God

MND: News and Commentary Since 2001 » Seeing God: "I note that you only describe the God of the New Testament. What about the God of the Old Testament? You know, the one that demanded blood sacrifice. Or the one that feared what man might accomplish (Babel)? How about the one that caused 2 boys to be mauled by a bear for a childish prank? Maybe the one that flooded the entire earth? Oh no, you must be thinking of the God that punishes those he is unhappy about with an eternity of fiery torture. Why did you leave out these examples of a just, loving, fatherly God?
Did you ever wonder why, as Man, and his civilization, matures, so does the Biblical God mature from the OT, childish, temper-tantrum driven God to the NT loving, fatherly God?"

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I've never heard of you before, but you have written something really evil here. You're doing the same thing as the Islamic extremists teaching kids to hate.

See this entry in mental health blog. Sorry for the screw up