Sunday, November 29, 2009

Senate report: We could have had Bin Laden

Senate report: We could have had Bin LadenStuck on stupid? I just don't get it. Will you guys ever stop protecting this guy? He was a dunce! He was one of the worst presidents ever! Still you want to stick up for him. Get over it! Move on. Bush was a toad. You want to blame all the problems on Obama. Get it straight what you had with Bush. He's the one that got us into the trouble we're in. Can you get that through your thick heads? Bush sucked. Live with it, you morons. Quit trying to blame the democrats for your problems. You brought them on yourselves. Trying to cover them up isn't going to get it.

by me

Saturday, November 21, 2009

"What makes a person want to live on the street? Why has he or she given up? Is there such a thing as the gap between the rich and poor being too great? Does it interfere with a person's freedom to say we are all in this together? It is a lot easier for a person to work hard if he is rewarded for it. Life is suppose to be unfair for both the rich and the poor. It's too bad the rich have to be surrounded by the poor. I feel so sorry for them. It must be such a burden to have to look down on people. Rich people just have it so rough. Wouldn't it be something if we punished people for being greedy instead of punishing them for having nothing. It seems to me we've got a few things backwards in this country, and we're going to end up paying dearly for it. The rich like to brag about how great this country is. Wasn't there a parable about that?"

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

YouTube - Professor on sky news educates newsreader on some drug related facts

YouTube - Professor on sky news educates newsreader on some drug related factsMorality versus science, where's the balance? Is there a level of spirituality that gets beyond unscientific positions? The argument is that we are changing too fast, that this is not going to end well. Ah, the future, who knows?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

YouTube - Analyst: Election Wasn't Referendum on Obama

YouTube - Analyst: Election Wasn't Referendum on ObamaThank you for your words. I am just so unbelievably sick of conservative bullshit. They're trying to create this fantasy world, and they can't wait to tell everyone about it. They remind me of the hippies in sixties with their "revolution". Give me a break, and shut the hell up! You never were known for your manners. Now your grasp on reality is in question also.