Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Market Incentives for Peace « The Van Der Galiën Gazette

Market Incentives for Peace « The Van Der Galiën Gazette: "This is another attempt to skirt the problem which is the same problem the cowboys had with the indians. The difference is the palistineans reproduce. This is an attempt at genocide. The palistineans are so mad at being invaded that peace does not occur to many of them. To die in battle is their greatest wish. Some things are more important than life. I feel for them. Israel is doing to the palistineans what Hitler tried to do to them. Someday the tables will turn. They always do. Israel will have a lot to answer for. It has a history of going in and out of existence. These are the smartest people on earth. They need to wise up before there is too much water under the bridge."

Hillary Clinton’s Electability « The Van Der Galiën Gazette

Hillary Clinton’s Electability « The Van Der Galiën Gazette: "I wonder how much FDR was hated? Everybody knew that he would be the worst enemy to many. Hating Hillary shows how the right is headed into decline. They'll be back but not for a while. Let them hate. They're good at it. They think it works for them. They need to learn. I've seen it happen with liberals. Eventually the agenda always yields to radicalization. They are writing their epitath for this time around. They'll scream and moan and compare her to Hitler. Then they'll take their ball and go home. Such is change. The sound and the fury of it all will unnerve us. Unfortunately it is a necessity under the circumstances. It much like the conviction of a guilty person. He gets his chance to proclaim his innocence. Still he will go down to defeat. Reality will win again. Nobody said it would be pretty."

Medical Marijuana

There are so many things that need to change in the world that it is hard to catagorize them. How long will it take before these changes happen? In the end it is all a matter of chance. Things will become better than ever before, and things will become worse than ever before. What bad things would we be willing to have happen to get the good things? Bad things will happen. I have lived too long and seen it too many times. With momentum comes destruction. What these bad things will be I have no idea. Just remember when we finally do get our way there will be a price to pay. As you suggest no price is too great for some of the changes that are so obvious.