Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What Liberals want

by: firebird_5416 11/29/06 09:03 pm
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4 recommendations

- Balanced budgets
- Tax cuts for the middle class
- Repeal of Bush's tax cuts to the rich
- An end to tax loopholes that lets corporations pay no taxes if they have headquarters overseas
- An end to tax cuts to the oil industry that obviously does not need them
- Better economic growth
- Better job growth
- An increase in the minimum wage
- An increase in real median household wages
- A reduction of the poverty rate
- Destroy the link between lobbyist and legislation
- Incentives to keep corporations from outsourcing
- An end to free trade pacts such as NAFTA and CAFTA
- A return to trade based on a country's personal self interest (not corporations)
- An increase in education spending
- An increase in job training
- An increase in poverty reduction programs
- An increase in scientific research
- A comprehensive solution to the healthcare problem in this country
- A plan to use medicare/medicaid mass purchasing power to negotiate for lower prices

- A push to keep government out of people's personal social decisions
- A push to give states more leeway as long as its not unconstitutional
--- Examples:
--- Oregon's right to die law
--- California medical marijuana law
--- Massachusetts gay marriage law
- Yes to morning after pill
- Yes to stem cell research
- Immigration reform not immigrant bashing
- Freedom of religion for all religions and freedom from it
- Separation of religion and the state. We don't want no taliban around here.
- No more censorship of scientists as seen under Bush
- A return to the Fairness Doctrine that gives opposing views equal time

- An end to the Cuban embargo
- Renewed relations with Cuba with Cuban concessions
- A carrot and stick approach with N.Korea as opposed to complete failure under Bush and GOP
- Implementation of all the 911 Commission recommendations
- A presumption of innocence before being proved guilty in a court of law
- Continued spying of terrorists, however, with warrants from the FISA court
- Peace deals between Israel and its neigbhors as Carter and Clinton did with Egypt and Jordan
- Covert funding and support in the middle east for:
--- secular schooling
--- secular government
--- feminist groups
--- liberal reformers
--- anti-poverty programs
--- sabotage of religious schooling
--- sabotage of religious conservative leaders (think adultery scandals)
- Support for creation of liberal muslim media alternatives in the middle east
- Use of that media to create stories of the victims of terrorists
- Use of that media to paint religious righters in the middle east in a bad light
- Change in military tactics:
--- A recognition that mass troop movements are useless in guerilla warefare
--- Removal of U.S. troops from Iraqi urban centers where they are sitting ducks for snipers and bombers
--- Use of U.S. troops as quick strike forces, quick to pull out once the job is done.
--- Get european as well as middle eastern allies to help in war effort

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