Thursday, January 1, 2009

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.: "Didn't the Jews want other people to worry about the nazi's shortcomings? Didn't the nazis want to be left alone? You put yourself up on a perch just like the nazis or the south africans. You've stolen everything from these people. Now you're murdering them, but hey you're only surviving. Remind you of anyone. It reminds me of the blacks and whites here in the USA. I feel as bad for you as I do for the palistineans. They will survive, but you will need to be forgiven just like the nazis had to be. And what is this about being extracted? Why were you kicked out? Your explanations seem very one sided. You invaded these people. Where is all of this going to end? Also taking credit for God doesn't get you very far with me. Muslims should be your brothers. You are acting like you never heard of God."

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