Thursday, September 3, 2009

Minimal Possessions – Living out of a backpack « The Urban Minimalist

Minimal Possessions – Living out of a backpack « The Urban Minimalist: "In our competitive, materialistic society it is, “I have therfore I am.” Possessions give you idenity and security. To be someone in someone else’s eyes you need things. Freedom isn’t freedom unless it is the freedom to get rich. All of this reinforces an antisocial, criminal mentality. We care about things instead of each other. How did we get this way? Isn’t this the devil’s work? We need to restore some balance to our lives. There is much to learn."


Anonymous said...

I agree, people want to be with other people but there needs to be a language of exchange and then a medium of exchange. then you can decide if you really like one another. this often costs money to obtain.

but for me minimal living is not about not buying things....but being able to let them go. like any drug the master of him/herself can use it without becomming addicted. however I think occassional fasting is worthwhile to make the distiction between self and possessions clear.

Anonymous said...

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