Saturday, October 25, 2008

Israel's Not-So-Future Perfect - by Leon Hadar

Israel's Not-So-Future Perfect - by Leon Hadar: "In some respects, Israel's ties with the United States are starting to resemble the relationship between the old political and economic elites and the Jewish community in Europe during the nineteenth century. As Hannah Arendt observed in her classic study of European anti-Semitism, it was the erosion in the power of those elites – and their growing inability to protect the Jews of Europe – that sealed the latter's fate. Then, new and angry social classes and political players turned their frustration against the group they associated with the hated status quo – a group that was also very vulnerable.
Today, a similar scenario could take place on an international scale, when a weaker and less confident United States would be under pressure at home and abroad to reduce its global commitments. This would leave Israel, the weakest link, vulnerable to attacks not only from Arab and Muslim nations, but from other new anti-status quo powers."

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