Wednesday, November 26, 2008 - Ideas for Changing America: Differences as to what makes america great - Ideas for Changing America: Differences as to what makes america great: "The great thing about democracy and civilization in general is that it is self correcting. If it gets a little too far off course one way it will get pulled back the other way. Within limits the same can be said for the economy. We are now experiencing one of those corrections. We need to determine a few things. Do we value things over people? Do we value the past over the future, and do we value our comfort over the earth? This is like asking to choose between yourself and others. Rugged individualism has its place, but this seems to be a time to pull together. So let our differences continue. Our diversity is our strength. But for now let us acknowledge we are in the middle of a correction. Government should reflect this. Congress is still going to bicker. It can't be helped. Bureaucrats will still be motionless. They can't be moved. But the president has some latitude. My idea is to come up with a propaganda department like they did in WWII. Work harder! Use less! Give more! Make a lot of posters, advertisements, web pages, etc.. Get a lot of feedback. Go from there. I guess you're already doing it with this very web page now that I think about it. Still, you could be less subtle. Anyway, That's what I think. Take it for what it's worth."

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