Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blogging the Massachusetts Senate Race - Readers' Comments - NYTimes.com

Blogging the Massachusetts Senate Race - Readers' Comments - NYTimes.comPeople don't want health care? Fine. Give the country back to the conservatives. Let's have another decade from hell. Hey, a third world country has its advantages, lower taxes, less regulation and more guns. Who says the world should be a better place? What we need is more violence and less intellect. I guess americans think we are moving too fast. People aren't suffering enough. We still aren't tired enough of doing things the hard way. It's enough to make you lose your faith in the american people. Shining city on a hill my ass. We're pitiful.

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Lizt. said...

The people of Mass.gave the Kennedy's a terrible snub. Those Republicans act just like Harper ..whom I suppose would like to go back to where the Republicans are in the States and get rid of out National Health-care.