Sunday, March 11, 2007 : Message Boards : Message BoardsWhen will america see that the war on terror is the same as the war against communism? Communism fell from its own weight. We need to let Al Qaeda do the same. It won't be quick, but us being scared all the time only makes them look stronger. We don't have to torture ourselves. There's no way we can defeat them through conventional means. Relax, they'll beat themselves. There are some things you can't cure. You have to live with them. Acceptance is the best weapon that we have. They cannot win, but neither can we. Let's not spend all our time worrying about them like we did the communists. If they want to live in caves let them. Running scared does not make us a great nation. Finding a way forward and learning from the past would.

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patknit7fiantahn said...

Will GMA do a program on the condition of the Great Lakes? We are overwhelmed with invasive species, plants, fish, birds, ect. It is destroying our natural enviroment. Please help our Great Lakes. The government is ignoring our pleas giving us incorrect information. Simply, tell the truth and help our wildlife.