Saturday, March 31, 2007 the Donkey::By David Limbaugh the Donkey::By David Limbaughcat1 writes: Sunday, April, 01, 2007 12:15 AM
The real world
It wasn't hostile to swift boat John Kerry? It wasn't hostile to use Willie Horton? Democrats are militant? Democrats are sheep compared to the GOP. Being proud of Cheney and Rumfeld is really sick. Most of the time conservatives wouldn't recognize respect if it hit them in the face. They are so full of fear and anger. Really this whole piece is a complete lie, but that was the whole point, wasn't it? Extreme conservatives base their whole philosophy of privilege on lies. Take anything to the extreme, and it loses any truth it started with. The truth is the enemy to extremists. They cannot bear it. Their whole purpose is to avoid it. They go through life living in a fantasy. They don't have the strength to face reality.

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